Museum Grade and Rare Fossils

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Squatinactis caudispinatus Paleozoic Shark Fossil
Hallucigenia Lobopodian Fossil
Fossil BGF571 Sold
Fossil HAL01 Sold
Fossil 17194 Sold
Fossil 15039 Sold
World Class Green River Turtle Fossil
Showcase Triarthrus eatoni Ordovician Trilobite with Preserved Legs, Antennae and Eggs
Acanthopyge consanguinea Oklahoma Trilobite
Fossil GRT01 Sold
Fossil E016 Sold
Fossil BCM173 Sold
Fossil 18121 Sold
Edingerella madagascariensis Lower Triassic Amphibian Fossil
Supremely Rare Cretaceous Xericeps Pterosaur Jaw Fossil
Paratriakis Shark Fossil
Rare Iberocoryphe Homalonotid Moroccan Trilobite
Fossil UKF181 Sold
Fossil 19084 Sold
Fossil RN27 Sold
Fossil 19115 Sold
Claudiosaurus germaini
Showcase Pyritized Triarthrus Trilobite with Preserved Soft Tissue
Cordulagomphus Dragonfly Fossil
Fossil PYT110 - Sold
Fossil GF131 Sold
Fossil PYT111 Sold
Fossil GF93 Sold
Cordulagomphus tuberculatus Dragonfly Fossil from Crato Formation
Rare Longianda termierii Lower Cambrian Redlichiida Trilobite from Issafen
Dalmanitina socialis
Neltneria termieri  Rare Trilobite
Fossil GF95 Sold
Fossil 15078 Sold
Fossil 15107 Sold
Fossil 15096 Sold
Rare Lepidasterella montanensis Paleozoic Fossil Starfish
Anomalocaris Fossil
Bavarilla zemmourensis
Fossil Amber Feather
Fossil BGF700 Sold
Fossil MMT156 Sold
Fossil Sold
Fossil MYA26 Sold
Cornuproetus Trilobite with Pyritized Soft Tissue
Cretaceous Praying Mantis in Fossil Amber
Rare Pseudoscorpion in Cretaceous Fossil Ambe
Fossil C014 Sold
Fossil MYA01 Sold
Fossil 12169 Sold
Fossil MYA02 Sold
Lichida Museum Trilobite
Kayserops megaspina
Cordania falcata Black Cat Mountain Oklahoma Trilobite
Fossil 16200 - Sold
Fossil 16199 Sold
Fossil 17123 Sold
Fossil BCM165 Sold
Walliserops trifurcatus
Dikelocephalina brenchleyi Trilobite
Belenopyge estevesi Trilobite
Fossil 11007 Sold
Fossil 15109 Sold
Fossil 15103 Sold
Fossil 13054 Sold
Spine-on-Spine Ceratarges ziregensis Lichida Trilobite
Quadrops Museum Trilobite
Rare Guizhoucoelacanthus guanlingensis Coelacanth Fish Fossil
Fossil 17176 Sold
Fossil 16210 Sold
Fossil MMT155 Sold
Fossil CF488 Sold
Yunnanolimulus Triassic Horseshoe Crab Fossil
Walliserops trifurcatus
Metascutellum Trilobite
Centipede in Cretaceous Fossil Amber
Fossil CF497 Sold
Fossil 15109 Sold
Fossil 12096 Sold
Fossil MYA03 Sold
Stethacanthid Paleozoic Shark Fossil from Bear Gulch Limestone
Acanthopyge Lichda Trilobite
RARE Piriproetus Trilobite
Fossil 13163 Sold
Fossil BGF022 Sold
Fossil 17114 Sold
Fossil 13075 Sold
Acadoparadoxides levisettii Cambrian Moroccan Trilobite Named after Riccardo Levi-Setti
Rare Guizhoucoelacanthus guanlingensis Coelacanth Fish Fossil
Green River Formation Fish Fossil Aspiration
Fossil 15111 Sold
Fossil CF488 Sold
Fossil 14034 Sold
Rare Dimerocrinites Crinoids
Horseshoe Crab Aff Cyamocephalus Ancestor
Cyclobatis minor Skate Fish Fossi
Fossil 18071 Sold
Fossil MMT181 Sold
Fossil MMT179 Sold
Fossil RN32 Sold
Mazon Creek Fossil Insect
Onnia Museum Trilobite
Acanthopyge Trilobits
Fossil UKF97 Sold
Fossil 14035 Sold
Fossil HAL02 Sold
Fossil 17063 Sold
Stunning Araucarioxylon arizonicum Petrified Wood from Winslow Arizona
Fossil L527 Sold
Fossil 18204 Sold
Fossil L472 Sold
Fossil PW32 Sold
Psychopyge termierorum Trilobite
Rare Wallacia Silurian Trilobite from Norway
Fossil 12179 Sold
Fossil 16160 Sold
Fossil 20021 Sold

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