MASSIVE Dikelocephalina Moroccan Trilobite

Dikelocephalina brenchleyi

Trilobites Order Asaphida, Suborder Asaphina, Superfamily Dikelocephalacea, Family Dikelocephalidae

Geological Time: Lower Ordovician, Tremadoc Stage

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobite is 195 mm long by 185 mm wide on a 260 mm by 230 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Fezouata Shales, Zagora, Morocco

Code: 15103

Price: Sold

Dikelocephalina brenchleyi TrilobiteDescription: This unusual trilobite comes from the Ordovician deposits near Zagora, Morocco. This one is one of the larger Asaphids available, and is quite 3-D in appearance for an Ordovician specimen. This one took five days to prepare. Like many larger specimens, this one came up piecemeal and was reassembled. Restoration however is minimal with only the tips of pleurae 1-4 on the right side, and 6-7 on the left having needed to be touched up. I have included a pair of photos from early in the preparation process for your edification..

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