RARE Bavarilla Trilobite with Axial Spines

Bavarilla zemmourensis

Trilobites Order Phacopida, Family Bavarillidae

Geological Time: Lower Ordovician

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobite is 62 mm long by 38 mm wide on a 150 mm by 100 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Upper Fezouata Formation, Zagora, Morocco

Fossil Code: 13150

Price: Sold

Description: This is a most dramatic example of the phacopid trilobite Bavarilla. Unlike many Ordovician trilobites this one possesses axial spines, readily seen in the distalmost half dozen thoracic segments. It is the FIRST and ONLY example I have been able to secure in thirteen years.

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