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About Russian Trilobites

Asaphus kowalewskii Russian Trilobite with Enormous EyestalksDuring the Ordovician, what is now Eastern Europe and Western Russia was a shallow inland sea. The Hoplolichas plautinifauna was rich and diverse, and included a large assemblage of trilobite invertebrates, as well as the early vertebrates. This was the heart of the age of the trilobite, a time when trilobites were not only diverse, but had undergone adaptations yielding striking morphologies. The trilobites of Russia, and specifically those coming from the region near Saint Petersburg, are among those most cherished by collectors. The reasons are several, their exotic forms, superb preservation, and availablity.

Examples of Russian trilobites:

Lonchodomas volborthi
Illaenus atavus Russian Trilobite
Paraceraurus (Cheirurus) exsull Russian Trilobite
Rare Pseudobaselicus lawrowi
Lonchodomas volborthi, an Alien - Looking Russian Ordovician Trilobite
Rare and Unusual Illaenus atavus Russian Trilobite
Dramatic Paraceraurus (Cheirurus) exsull Russian Trilobite

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