Juvenile Stethacanthid Paleozoic Shark Fossil from Bear Gulch Limestone

Part and Counterpart

Aff Stethacanthus

Class Chondrichthyes, Order Symmoriida, Family Stethacanthidae

Geological Time: Mississippian (~320 m.y.a.)

Size: Fish fossil: 85 mm long (curve measure) Matrix: 160 mm by 110 mm and 145 mm by 145 mm pair

Fossil Site: Heath Shale Formation, Bear Gulch Limestone, Fergus County, Montana

Fossil Code: BGF022

Price: Sold

Description: The Bear Gulch Limestone is a deposit of some 70 square km in extent and 30 m in depth that has been a source of one of the most diverse assemblages of fossil fish with some 110 species having been described over the past 30 years. Most were new to science, and provided a unique view of the marine environment of Mississippian times. Fine preservation of both fish and invertebrates is a hallmark of these deposits, presumably due to an anoxic depositional environment. This specimen is a member of the Sthethacanthidae, a name derived from the anvil-like first dorsal spine of adult males. This one is small, with some members known in excess of 700 mm. It is a male by evidence of the presence of claspers. Note the many fine features seen here: carbonized eye capsules, gill structures, vertebral column, and claspers, all remarkable when you consider the entire skeletal structure is composed of cartilage. Note the set of photos annotated by the field collector. These will be included with the specimen. Note also the photo of the quarry site and the restoration of an adult male. It is not known if this particular example is a representative of a known species.

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Bear Bulch Formation Heath Shale Quary

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