New Type Ceratocephala Odontopleurid Trilobite

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Aff Ceratocephala sp

Trilobites Order Odontopleurida, Family Odontopleuridae

Geological Time: Early Devonian, Pragian Age

Size: Trilobite is 20 mm long by 18 mm wide (including spines) on a 65 mm by 65 mm matrix..

Fossil Site: Zagora, Morocco

Code: 16200

Price: Sold

Description: Elegant example of an unusual trilobite which as an Odontopleurid has many fine relatives in Dicranurus, Leonaspis, and Ceratonurus. This one has a plethora of spines, many of which have been painstakingly prepared freestanding, making for a spectacular display piece. To what purpose could such a spiny armament be put? The answer DEFENSE cries out; any advantage a prey species could evolve would stand it in good stead in the eternal predator/prey arms race. It looks most like a member of the genus Ceratocephala, but those are typically found in Ordovician and Silurian deposits in Europe and the USA, with the likely age of this type not known until recently. The only taxon found with it is Belenopyge, which pretty much most likely Lower Devonian in age. It may be a new genus altogether, but as is the case with many trilobites from Morocco, this one is as yet to be described.

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