Plesioteuthis Solnhofen Squid Museum Fossil

with Soft Tissue Preservation

Plesioteuthis prisca

Phylum Mollusca, Class Cephalopoda, Subclass Coleoidea, Superorder Decapodiformes, Order Teuhida

Geological Time: Upper Jurassic

Size: Squid fossil is 9 ¼” in length on a 14 ½” x 11 ½” plate

Fossil Site: Solnhofen Limestone, "plattenkalk” Malm Zeta 2, Eichstatt, Germany

Fossil Code: PFS261

Price: Sold

Plesioteuthis Solnhofen Squid Museum FossilDescription: This is a well-preserved specimen on an uncommon Solnhofen fossil squid. It is a quite large, and impressively presented on its solid lithographic limestone plate. The soft body and pen are well preserved. Apparently, even the ink sac chamber is intact.

This spectacular fossil comes from the world famous Lagerstätte, the lithographic limestone Solnhofen deposits of Germany. These 150 million year old deposits are famous for their exceptionally well-preserved and diverse organisms, the most famous of which are the handful of specimens of the ancient bird Archaeopteryx. During the Late Jurassic, this region was an archipelago at the edge of the Tethys Sea. Fossils are preserved in very fine grained (lithographic) limestone.

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