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The Fossil Mall is the flagship web site of multiple fossil dealers inextricably linked by our commitment to customer service, integrity, and scientific knowledge. By combining our efforts we achieve efficiency, economy of scale, and quality assurance and control. The result, we believe, is the largest and most diverse offering of the finest fossils for sale on the Internet. Without exhortations and self-serving hyperbole, we collectively wax towards compulsive in the scientific description and photographic presentations of our paleontological materials.

While we do not bestow titles to our eclectic family of fossil dealers, John Adamek (DBA Edcope Enterprises) functionally serves as Fossil Mall’s COO. John retired in 2005 from a 35-year career as a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry. John is now devoted to the Fossil Mall enterprise, a culmination of his life-long passion for natural history. John has two salient characteristics that serve our consortium and our customers particularly well: 1) he is as honest as the day is long; and, 2) he is a veritable, walking, talking encyclopedia of paleontological knowledge. Besides John, the Fossil Mall family is deep in trained and amateur scientists with an aggregate many decades of experience in the paleontological supply business.

Obtaining the highest quality, rare, unusual and at times unobtainable fossils is a difficult undertaking requiring much expertise. The Fossil Mall dealers collectively maintain an impressive global paleontological material supply chain. We have long-established relationships with direct sources, and in most cases are able to garner rights-of-first refusal of the best specimens that can be offered at fair prices. A sampling of some of the rarest and so called museum garde fossils are rotated on the Museum Fossils pages. Our expertise and supplier relationships enable high quality and avoidance of fraud sometimes encountered in the trade. We especially apply a cautionary principle in obtaining Moroccan material directly from sources that we have known and trusted over a long time, and that know material we obtain must be filtered with utmost scrutiny

Fossil Mall was originally launched as a group of independently owned stores. During our growth and success, this proved somewhat cumbersome. As a consequence, the new business model combines sales, accounting, and customer satisfaction under John’s direction. This will lead to re-design of many stores within Fossil Mall. Specialty boutiques will be added to Fossil Mall as time allows.

Robert Drachuk has owned and operated Western Fossils for more than two decades, during which timehe has been a major supplier and importer of paleontological materials, and has become one of the most respected dealers in the industry. Robert’s company is Fossil Preparationheadquartered in Delta, Utah, which includes warehouse facilities and a modern laboratory for fossil preparation. Western Fossils holds five leases in Western Utah covering some 600 acres. Robert self-collects and prepares a large portion of his paleontological specimens. He has a special interest in the soft-bodied fossils of the House Range in Utah (America’s equivalent to Canada’s Burgess Shale), and has donated numerous specimens to research institutions; recently, the plant fossil Trochodendron drachukii was named after him. He has for many years operated rooms at the world’s two largest fossil shows, Tucson in January, and Denver in September. Robert has also long supplied fossils in bulk to educational product re-sellers. Now, he will supply the same fossils directly to the educational community through the latest addition to the Fossil Mall family of sites, Educational Fossils; there will be a difference, however, higher quality, lower prices, and hence, better value. Over 2006 and 2007, Educational Fossils will greatly expand its product line in the Earth Sciences for education.

Fossil dealer Richie hunting for trilobites in Nevada.Richie Kurkewicz, joining in 2006, is the newest member of the fossils dealers of Fossil Mall. His store is Pangaea Fossils. Richie is an old-time fossil hunter with a bent for paleontological research in the field. Joining Fossil Mall will allow him more time in the field. He has also nurtured a worldwide network of friends with whom he actively trades, the unique results of which will be made available on these pages. While a trilobitaphile, he also seeks out and obtains some unique fossils from throughout the world. Living in San Francisco puts Richie within stricking distance of some of the most trilobite-rich fossil hunting sites in the world in the western United States, and particularly Utah and Nevada.

Gywnn and Mike Hatfield (Primal Extincts) are Fossil Mall’s most gregarious fossil dealers who love, absolutely love, doing retail fossil shows. They represent Fossil Mall each year in four shows that are within striking distance of their home in Arkansas: 1) Jackson, Mississippi in February; 2) Memphis in April; 3) Nashville in August; and, Glen Rose Texas in October.

Our internet development is outsourced to a non-profit organization that develops science-oriented web sites. They anticipate that the recent compromise of Internet neutrality and other megatrends will profoundly alter the WWW competitive landscape in favor of the 900 pound gorillas. Our business model perspicaciously anticipates these changes. You have a choice among some 200 fossil websites, including e-bay. We believe our business approach ensures our future, and that you will find that Fossil Mall is consistently the preferred choice for purchasing fossils.

Your privacy is sacrosanct at Fossil Mall. We keep no mailing list of customers, never send spam, and only accept credit card payments through PayPal. We minimally advertise, and the largest volume of business is with our satisfied, return customers from throughout the world.

Our pledge to you is satisfaction, integrity, and value. Achieving this requires many business relationships where we either find or impose our values. Importantly, business relationships very often mature into friendships. Consequently, we have many friends, Joe at Pangaea Industries, Glenn and Barb at PaleoSearch, Bob and Linda at Black Cat Mountain Trilobites, and Steve at Fossilscapes, just to name a few.

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