Petite Proetid Gerastos Moroccan Trilobite

Gerastos tuberculatus morocensis

Trilobites Order Proetida, Family Proetidae

Geological Time: Devonian

Size: Trilobite is 35 mm long (curve measure) by 20 mm wide on a 35 by 45 mm matrix.

Fossil Site: Timrhanrhart Formation, Foum Ziguid , Morocco

Fossil Code: 14066

Price: $50.00

Gerastos tuberculatus morocensisDescription: Fine example of a member of the Order Proetida, Family Proetidae with many fine details present. The most diagnostic feature of this taxon is tuberculose cephalon for which the species is named is named. It differs from the other subspecies in having longer genal spines The Proetidae were among the last of the trilobites to go extinct in the Permian over 100 million years later. This is a fine example of the type, offered here at an eminently affordable price.

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