Cnemidopyge Raphiophorid United Kingdom Trilobite

Cnemidopyge bisecta

Trilobites Order Asaphida, Family Raphiophoridae

Geological Time: Ordovician, Llanvirn Series

Size: Trilobite is 35 mm long (including 8 mm rostrum) by 20 mm wide on a 55 mm by 30 mm matrix.

Fossil Site: Llandridnod Wells, Powys,Wales, United Kingdom

Code: AAF357

Price: $95.00

Cnemidopyge Raphiophorid United Kingdom TrilobiteDescription: Well-preserved example of a member of the Order Asaphida, Family Raphiophoridae, this one is known as Cnemidopyge bisecta. Trilobites of this family are noted for their pointed rostrum, as seen here.

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Cnemidopyge Raphiophorid United Kingdom Trilobite
Cnemidopyge bisecta
Cnemidopyge bisecta
Cnemidopyge bisecta

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