Massive Spinosaurus aegyptiacus Dinosaur Tooth

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

Geological Time: Late Cretaceous

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch) 100 mm long by 28-47 mm across at base

Fossil Site: Kem-Kem Basin, Taouz, Morocco

Code: KZC14

Price: Sold

spinosaurus-dinosaur-toothDescription: Spinosaurus was first discovered over 100 years ago in Egypt by Ernst Stromer. The fragmentary remains indicated a large dinosaur with a dramatic sail on its back. Unfortunately all the specimens from that original discoverywere lost in a bombing raid in World War II. Since then, fragmentary remains of isolated teeth, claws, and a few bones were all that were known of this enigmatic dinosaur. A local Moroccan collector of fossils discovered a partial specimen which has provided additional clues as to its appearance. Unfortunately the remains are still quite incomplete and in a n effort at hyperbole, researchers have cobbled together bones from this find, photos (all that exists) of the original specimen, extrapolations of specimens of diverse size and analogy with related types to arrive at a composite specimen of some 15 meters in size they term ‘bigger than T-rex”, a term seized upon by fossil dealers to sell specimens. While such may indeed be the case, a quick perusal of the image in a recent National Geographic magazine will reveal just how cobbled together this composite is. Compare this to “Sue”, the T. rex at the Field Museum that is some 90% complete.

Nevertheless, Spinosaurus was a large carnivorous dinosaur which appears to have lived a near aquatic existence. The large, unserrated conical teeth are more suited for seizing slippery prey than for slicing meat from bones. The example offered here is quite large, most likely coming from an animal in the upper quartile of the size spectrum. There is some wear to the distal tooth end, presumably due to wear in life. Indeed, if this one had not been blunted it may well have been 25-30% if intact. Perhaps I should have extrapolated the size (dare I say it was long in the tooth)?


  • Science, Vol 345, Issue 6204, 26 September 2014, pp1613-1616 and 48 pages of supplementary material
  • National Geographic, October 2014, pp 100-121.

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