Euoplocephalus Ankylosaurid Dinosaur Tooth

Euoplocephalus sp

Clade Dinosauria, Order Ornithischia, Family Ankylosauridae

Geological Time: Late Cretaceous

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Dinosaur tooth is 8 mm tall, 5 mm across (maximum measurements)

Fossil Site: Two Medicine Formation, Pantera County, Montana

Code: HCF04

Price: Sold

Euoplocephalus Ankylosaurid Dinosaur ToothDescription: This fossil comes from Euoplocephalus, an ankylosaurid dinosaur. The ankylosaurs were the tanks of the Cretaceous, possessing a Ankylosaursubstantial dorsal armor. If that were not enough to discourage predators, they were also armed with a club at the end of the tail which could be swung with disastrous results for an predator that had the temerity to attack. The distinctively-cusped teeth were well suited for shearing plants.

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