Unusual Lower Permian Fossil Amphibians Pair

Discosauriscus (Letoveterpeton) austriacus

Amphibia, Seymouriamorpha, Discosauriscidae

Geological Time: Lower Permian

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fossils are 155 mm and 150 mm long (tip of skull to tip of tail s present). Matrix: 265 mm by 225 mm

Fossil Site: Bacov Horizon, Boscovic Furrow, Bacov u Boscovic, Moravia, Czech Republic

Fossil Code: SRC16

Price: Sold

Discosauriscus austriacus Permian Amphibian FossilsDescription: This is a fine example of a rarely seen amphibian known as Discosauriscus. While also known as Letoveterpeton, that name has been considered a junior synonym. Some dealaeras still use the old name to give it a more exotic cachet than Discosauriscus, but that use is more hyperbole than science. It is a Seymouriamorh amphibian believed known only from the larval state. Given its affinities with the North American Seymouria, it may have had a similar reptilelike appearance as a mature adult. It is placed here in the Reptile section of the mall as amphibians are almost never offered. Note the soft tissue outlines preserved, covered here with a preservative to keep any material from spalling (flaking off). Most are only known from partial, compressed specimens such as those seen here. It is quite unusual to find two in association.

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