Zeliszkella torrubiae Volongo Trilobite

Zeliszkella torrubiae

(Rasetti 1957)

Trilobite Order Phacopida, Family Dalmanitidae

Geological Time: Ordovician

Size: Trilobite is 1 9/16”

Fossil Site: Valongo Formation, Covelo, Portugal

Zeliszkella torrubiae Volongo TrilobiteDescription: Valongo trilobites are easily recognized by their ghostly appearance. They are normally compressed, distorted, and the matrix has a slatey appearance. Zeliszkella torrubiae is one of the less common species from the Valongo Formation. One is struck immediately by the exquisite preservation, color and aesthetics of this specimen. It is fully prone and inflated, resting comfortably on the matrix. This one has an unusually well preserved left eye, showing the eye facets.

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