Exquisite Olenoides trispinus Utah Trilobite with Axial Spines

Olenoides trispinus

Trilobites Order Corynexochida, Suborder Corynexochina, Superfamily Corynexochoidea, Family Dorypygidae

Geological Time: Middle Cambrian

Size: 53 mm

Fossil Site: Pierson Cove Formation, Drum Mountains, Utah

Olenoides trispinus TrilobiteThe elusive Olenoides trispinus is certainly one of the most sought after and desirable of all Utah trilobite species. Only a handful have ever been collected in this amazing state of preservation. Master preparator Dave Comfort of Canada is responsible for this esthetic display. The specimen is a dark chocolate color, and is well centered on a large tan colored, well-proportioned plate. It is fully prone and 3D, with an array of spines characteristic of the species. The free standing axial spines are in place. When collected, the specimen was “ghosted” upon discovery. This means that only a light outline was visible below the overlying matrix. The matrix was skillfully removed by means of air abrasion. Various hues of overlying strata are silhouetted around the specimen. There was no reconstruction, or repairs done. This is a true centerpiece specimen worthy of a world-class trilobite collection.

Few are found each year, and very rarely of such high quality. Add in the professional preparation, and this specimen would be hard to ever replicate.

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