Rare Russian Trilobite Pseudoasaphinus gostilicyensis

Pseudoasaphinus gostilicyensis

Trilobites Order Asaphida

Geological Time: Middle Ordovician

Size: 80 mm

Fossil Site: Vilpovitsy Quaryy, Asery Horizon, Wolchow River Region, St Petersburg, Russia

Russian Trilobite Pseudoasaphinus gostilicyensisDescription: A well-inflated example of a scarce Asaphid, this is Pseudoasaphinus (once Ptychopyge) gostilicyensis, an unusual member of the Asaphidae. The golden Calcite expskeleton is complemented by the white limestone matrix, with the trilobite shown in a slightly reflexed position. Notice the fine terrace lines present on the pygidium, indicative of the exceptional degree of preservation found in this rare taxon.

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