Very Rare Olenid and Parabolina Trilobites Pair from Newfoundland

Olenid sp. and Parabolina n. sp.

Trilobites Order Ptychopariida; Family Olenidae

Geological Time: Upper Cambrian

Size: Olenid (with tail spine) 13 mm Parabolina 14 mm

Fossil Site: Trinity Bay, Newfoundland

Olenid and Parabolina TrilobitesDescription: A handful of trilobite specimens from the Upper Cambrian of Newfoundland became available a few years ago. Unfortunately, it is now almost impossible to collect in Newfoundland because of environmental regulations. This has cut off an important source of rare and undescribed new genus and species to the serious trilobite collector. This will be my only specimen to offer. Note the long faint spines coming off the seventh segment of the Parobolina (lower right trilobite on the plate to the left. The Olenid is the trilobite higher up to the left on the plate. The plate also has many partial specimens.

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