Aristoharpes Trilobite from Morocco

Aristoharpes sp (Harpes cf perradiatus)

Trilobites Order Harpetida

Geological Time: Lower Devonian

Size: 50 mm

Fossil Site: Hamar Laghdad Formation, Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Description: Harpetida only recently became the 9th Order of Trilobita, having been split from the Ptychopariida (Ebach & McNamara 2002). Formerly considered a suborder of the Ptychopariida, they had been distinguished from other members by marginal sutures, lack of a rostral plate, and presence of the Harpid fringe. This is classic member of the Order, Harpes sp. (Order: Harpetida; Family: Harpetidae; Species: Harpes cf. perradiatus) from Devonian-time, Morocco.

Harpes is much harder to acquire than most Moroccan trilobites, and tend to be poorly preserved, especially the Harpid fringe. This one is in very good condition.

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