Gilbertsocrinus Exquisitely Prepared Crawfordsville Crinoid

Gilbertsocrinus tuberosus

Phylum Echinodermata, Class Camerata, Diplobathida, Rhodocrinitidae

Geological Time: Lower Mississippian Osagean Stage (345 m.y.a)

Size: Crinoid crown: 40 mm long by 35 mm tall Stem: 30 mm on a 52 mm by 22 mm sculpted matrix

Fossil Site: Crawfordsville, Indiana Crinoids

Gilbertsocrinus tuberosusDescription: This unusual crinoid is known as Gilbertsocrinus tuberosus. These alien-looking crinoids derive the generic name for obvious reasons. Crinoids Gilbertsocrinussuch as these are easily disarticulated, but this one is quite intact on the display side, preserved in a fine 3-D aspect. The tubular appendages of Gilbertsocrinus are unique among the crinoids, and were originally thought to be the arms until those were later found in better-preserved examples. The delicate arms and pinnules can be seen within the sheltering appendages. The stem of this crinoid is highly fexible, and is often found looped back upon itself. Much preparation time was expended in freely this wonderful crinoid from its matrix prison, with the siltstone sculpted to afford this fine freestanding specimen.

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Gilbertsocrinus Crawfordsville Crinoid Fossil


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