Asaphus (Subasaphus) platyurus Russian trilobite

"with dramatic genal spines"

Asaphus platyurus or Subasaphus platyurus

Trilobite Order Asaphida, Superfamily Asaphoidea, Family Asaphidae

Geological Time: Middle Ordovician

Size: 95 mm long by 67 mm wide

Fossil Site: Asery Level deposits of the Wolchow River region near Saint Petersburg, Russia

Asaphus (Subasaphus) Platyurus Russian trilobiteDescription: Coming from the Middle Ordovician deposits of the Wolchow River region near Saint Petersburg, Russia, this is an example of the unusual trilobite Asaphus (Subasaphus) platyurus. It is known for the dramatically curved genal spines. Its dark caramel-colored Calcite shell is well set off by the white Subasaphus platyuruslimestone matrix, with the trilobite well positioned on its nearly half billion-year-old seafloor throne. As always, the skillful Russian preparators have shown this fine 3-D specimen to best advantage, with the genals offering a dramatic touch. Prone examples of this taxon are always in demand, and this is a fine example sure to become a cornerstone of any collection of Russian Asaphids.

Coming from an inland sea during the lower to middle Ordovician, the Russian trilobites from near Saint Petersburg, Russia participated in the Great Ordovician Radiation, which saw marine animal diversity increase three-fold more than the Cambrian Explosion. The Russian asaphid trilobites are a particularly interesting example of descent with modification.

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