Black Cat Mountain T-Shirts
Designed by Bob Carroll

Size: Adult Sizes Only (See Below)

Geological Time: Holocene

Adult Sizes Only (See Below)

Fossil Site: Haragan Formation, Coal County, Clarita, Oklahoma

Code: BCMT

Price: $25.00

Description: As recently as 2 years ago, master preparator Bob Carroll of Clarita, Oklahoma offered T-shirts of 2 of his most popular trilobites from his Black Cat Mountain quarry at the Tucson Fossil Show. When he decided he would no longer carry them, I acquired the last of his inventory. I am offering them this year. Once they are gone, there will be no more unless Bob can be persuaded at some future point in time to have them again.

The Kettneraspis williamsi comes in beige, blue, and the rare yellow style. The yellow ones Bob had labeled EVENT STAFF to pass out to family and friends that helped out at the show. The other two colors have a small Ceratonurus trilobite at the neckline on the back. I tried to talk Bob into having this design on the front of a separate shirt, but he demurred.

The other trilobite is Bob’s signature piece, Dicranurus hamatus elegantus, and comes in beige and blue with no decoration on the back

Again: SUPPLY IS LIMITED. Order while there are still some available.

Available sizes:
Dicranurus Beige SOLD OUT
Dicranurus Blue - SOLD OUT
Kettnerapis Beige XL
Kettneraspis Blue SOLD OUT
Kettneraspis Yellow L

See images: Dicanurus Kettneraspis

Fossils Purchase Information

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Dicranurus Fronts (nothing on back)
Kettnersapis Fronts
Kettnersapis Backs

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