Pristine Ostrich Mimic Struthiomimus Dinosaur Hand Claw

Struthiomimus sedens Dinosaur Claw

Geological Time: Upper Cretaceous, Maastrichtian Stage (~67 million years ago)

Size (25.4 mm= 1 inch): Fossil is 67 mm (outside curve measure) by 14 mm base width

Fossil Site: Hell Creek Formation, Carter County, Montana

Fossil Code: HCF19

Price: $1295.00 - sold

Struthiomimus Dinosaur Claw FossilDescription: This is an exceptional manual ungual (hand claw) of the ostrich mimic dinosaur Struthiomimus from the Late Cretaceous deposits of Montana. Struthiomimus was a long-legged member of the orithomimosaurs, or bird mimic dinosaurs. It had a longer shinbone than femur, indicative of a cursorial habit. It could probably achieve running speeds similar to that of the modern-day Ostrich. Its relative abundance and toothless jaws indicate it was more lakely either omnivorous or herbivorous in nature. Struthiomemimus had the longest hands of any ornithomimosaur, and commeasureately the longest claws. The fact that the claws were long and slender makes them prone to breakage, so the complete nature of this example is an exception; it is complete down to the sharp tip. This one comes in a 150 mm by 125 mm Riker type box for display.

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