Carcharadontosaurus saharicus Dinosaur Tooth

Carcharadontosaurus saharicus

Dinosauria clade Theropoda, Family Carcharodontosauridae

Geological Time: Early Cretaceous (~125 million years ago)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Dinosaur tooth is 45 mm diagonal length, 21mm base width

Fossil Site: Kem-Kem Basin, K’Sar-es-Souk Province, South of Taouz, Morocco

Code: MF65

Price: Sold

Carcharadontosaurus Dinosaur ToothDescription: This is a fine example of a tooth from the dinosaur Carcharadontosaurus saharicus coming from the Middle Cretaceous Albian Stage deposits of the Kem-Kem Basin, Morocco. Notice the fine serrations present which attest to the meat eating habits of this dinosaur that is thought to have rivaled T rex in size. Like most found, this is a shed tooth. Dinosaurs continually replaced their teeth so as to keep a sharp set always deployed. The thin cross section shows this dinosaur was more prone to stripping meat from the bones, rather than the bone crusher that T rex is thought to have been. The rich brown color is one of several hues displayed, depending upon the depositional environment. Repaired cracks detract but little from this specimen.This one comes in a glass fronted display box.

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