Excellent Mesosaurus Aquatic Reptile Skeleton

Mesosaurus braziliensis

Class Sauropsida, Subclass Anapsida, Order Mesosauria, Family Mesosauridae

Geological Time: Lower Permian

Size: (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Mesosaurus fossil is 600 mm long overall from tip of snout to tip of tail along backbone, Skull: 53 mm long by 15 mm wide, Forelimb: 66 mm total length, Hind Limb 103 mm long (if straight), Matrix: 370 mm by 330 mm

Fossil Site: Irati Formation, Sao Paulo Region, Brazil

Fossil Code: SRC01

Price: $2500.00 - sold

Mesosaurus braziliensis FossilThis is a fine example of the aquatic reptile known as Mesosaurus. The mesosaurs were one of the first reptiles to return to the water after the amphibians began to leave that environment. With webbed feet and a streamlined body, they were well suited for a return to the water. The long jaws were equipped with numerous fine teeth which some thought may have served as a sieve for planktonic life. I think a piscivorous habit to be more likely, The mesosaurs have an interesting Mesosaurus Artdistribution in that they are found both in South America and Africa. How did a freshwater organism cross the vast ocean separating these two landmasses? This discontinuous distribution was one of the factors that brought about the theory of continental drift first proposed by Alfred Wegener in the 1920s.

This specimen is nearly complete, missing only the right lower forelimb elements and the distal part of that upper arm bone. It is quite 3-D in preservation as the photos show. While such specimens were sometimes available some ten years ago, they have become increasingly hard to obtain, except from old collections such as this one. This specimen would make a fine addition to any collection, whether public or private.

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