Rare Tropidocoryphe amuri Trilobite

with Axial Spines

Tropidocoryphe amuri

Trilobite Order Proetida, Superfamily Proetoidea, Family Tropidocoryphidae

Geological Time: Devonian

Size: Trilobite is 24 mm long

Fossil Site: Aatchana, Morocco

Tropidocoryphe amuriDescription: This is a rare trilobite of the genus Tropidocoryphe. The family derives it names from a feature found in proetids termed the tropidium, a line of pits in the glabella that may have served a sensory function. The genus shares a number of features with the more familiar Cornuproetus, but differs in the possession of longer genals and a set of axial spines. To date it is the only member of the genus to posses spines on the axial lobe, a feature well displayed here. This one was resently described by Chatterton et al. in 2009. As of the publication of the species, only two complete examples were known.

Reference: Paleontographica Canadiana, No 25, 2006 pp 46-48, 150-151.

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