Rare Early Cambrian Serrodiscus Trilobite

Serrodiscus gravestocki

Trilobites Order Agnostida, Suborder Eodiscina, Family Weymouthidae

Geological Time: Early Cambrian (~520 million years ago)

Size: 6 mm long X 4 mm wide

Fossil Site: Mernmerna Formation, Oraparinna Shale Transition Zone, Bunyeroo Gorge, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Serrodiscus trilobite imageDescription: This is an unusual member of the Order Agnostida known as Serrodiscus gravestocki. It is assigned to the Suborder Eodiscina which are somewhat of a “missing link” group. Unlike most agnostids, the fact that many have eyes, facial sutures, and a thoracic region more typical of other trilobite orders suggests that they are allied closely to the Ptychopariida. While trilobites from the Flinders Range have been known for a century, there is a paucity of information available in the literature.

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