Extensive Weeks Trilobites Death Assemblage

Ptychopariida; Cedariidae, Cedaria minor and Ptychopariida: Marjumiidae; Modocia weeksensis (Trilobites)

Geologic Time: Upper Middle Cambrian

Size (25.4mm=1 inch): Modocia: 21 mm long by 15 mm across, Cedaria: 11 mm and 9 mm long by 10 mm and 7 mm wide on a 130 mm by 115 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Weeks Formation, Millard County, Utah

Weeks TrilobitesDescription: This plaque displays 2 examples of trilobites of the Order Ptychopariida. The larger example is Modocia weeksensis (once called M. hewlisca). They are typically found missing the genals, and as such are mostly molts. There are also many partials of the same taxon present. The complete trilobites are members of the family Cedariidae known as Cedaria minor. They are a fine, well-inflated examples with tightly-attached genals that would make a fine addition to any trilobite collection. Overall, we have a fine assemblage of 2 trilobites from the same order of disparate morphology.

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