Altiocculus drumensis Trilobites

Altiocculus drumensis

Trilobites Order Ptychopariida, Suborder Ptychopariina, Superfamily Ptychoparioidea, Family Alokistocaridae

Geological Time: Middle Cambrian

Size: Larger trilobite is 50 mm

Fossil Site: Pierson Cove Formation Drum Mountains, Utah

AltiocculusDescription: An attractive and rare association of two Altiocculus drumensis on a trimmed plate. The primary specimen is large, 3D and well preserved. Note the pustules covering the body and an amazingly numerous 30 segments of the species. The eyes are present. The right side of the cephalon is fully intact, the left side is folded under. The secondary specimen is a molt and missing its free cheeks. This plate was professionally prepared using air abrasion by Dave Comfort. There has been no restoration or enhancement.

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