Very Rare Ditomopyge olsoni Trilobites

Ditomopyge olsoni

Trilobite Order Proetida, Superfamily Proetoidea, Family Proetidae

Geological Time: Pennsylvanian (Carboniferous)

Size (25.4mm=1 inch): each trilobite is 14 mm

Fossil Site: Staunton Formationm, Coal Run, Indiana

Ditomopyge olsoniDescription: Trilobites from the Pennsylvanian are generally rare, trilobites from this locality are specifically rare, and Ditomopyge olsoni is rare among those. This is a very attractive association of two that are fully inflated and three dimensional. Unfortunately, the site were these were found is no longer accessible for collecting.

Trilobite Order Proetida comprised the last surviving trilobites, finally meeting extinction themselves at the end of the Permain Period.

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