Aulacopleura koninicki Czech Republic Trilobite

Aulacopleura koninicki

Trilobites Order Proetida; Family Aulacopleuridae

Geological Time: Silurian, Wenlockian Stage (~425 Million years ago)

Size: 15 mm

Fossil Site: Liten Formation, Lodenice (Bohemia) Czech Republic

A large and beautiful part/counterpart specimen of this classic Bohemian species, here wonderfully preserved and covered with a white oxide patina. A most collectable trilobite. Please reference Riccardo Levi-Setti's book, Trilobites for more examples of these remarkable Czech species. These magnificent trilobites are getting less available as the government restricts collecting and older sites become exhausted, or off-limits. The right eye is missing in the part plate, otherwise this one has wonderful preservation.

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