Crawfordsville Crinoid Sarocrinus with Attached Stem and Root System

Sarocrinus varsovensis

Family Zeacrinitidae

Geologic Time: Lower Mississippian Osagean Stage

Size: Crown: 25 mm long by 18 mm wide; stem: 50 mm on a 48 mm by 95 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Crawfordsville, Indiana

Sarocrinus varsovensisDescription: Well-preserved example of the Cladid crinoid Sarocrinus varsovensis (Family Zeacrinitidae), The crinoid is very three-dimensional in aspect, with preservation of the fine pinnules quite evident. This is a fine example of the variety of diverse crinoids to be found in the Crawfordsville deposits. This particular example has much of the stem attached, and shows the cirri which served as a root system (an individual rootlet is termed a cirrus), a system that reminds some of the roots of the mangrove. This is a fine specimen that would be a welcome addition to any collection of crinoids from Crawfordsville.

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