Macrocrinus Camerate Crinoid with Preserved Anal Tube

Macrocrinus mundulus

Family Batocrinidae

Geological Time: Lower Mississippian Osagean Stage (345 m.y.a)

Size: Macrocrinus – 50 mm by 23 mm crown with 12 mm anal tube showing and 17 mm of attached stem on a 110 mm by 70 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Crawfordsville, Indiana Crinoids

Macrocrinus mundulusDescription: A fine example of the Camerate crinoid Macrocrinus mundulus (Family Batocrinidae), which displays the elongated anal tube from the famous Crawfordsville crinoid beds. Preservation on this specimen is remarkably complete, down to the fine pinnules on the arms, showing that it was buried quite rapidly, preserving it from the decomposition and disarticulation that usually is the fate of most echinoderms.

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