Devonian Eusthenopteron Tetrapod Ancestor Fossil Fish

Paleozoic Lobe Finned Fish Fossil

Eusthenopteron foordi

Class Crossopterygii (synonymous with Sarcopterygii), Subclass Tetrapodomorpha, Order Osteolepiformes, Family Tristichopteridae

Geological Time: Upper Devonian, Frasnian Stage (~370 million years ago)

Size: Fish fossil is 320 mm in length

Fossil Site: Escumiac Bay, Miguasha, Quebec, Canada

Eusthenopteron foordiDescription: One of the most widely-recognized of all the ancient lobe-finned fishes, this is Eusthenopteron. It is possibly the most recognized Paleozoic vertebrate. Early reconstructions portrayed it is crawling from the water, something we know today wasEusthenopteron not the case. Nevertheless, it is close to the line from which the tetrapods arose, and it shares several characteristics with them such as the skull bones and bones corresponding to those of Devonian Fishesthe forelimbs. This specimen is one of the most complete I have seen in some time. It was prepared from a nodule by one of the UK’s premier artisans at a cost of $1500 in fees. There are two repaired cracks to the matrix which comprise the only areas where any restoration was carried out. Indeed from the front the repairs are well-nigh invisible. Since the site is now a park and World Heritage Site, only examples from old collections ever seen

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